A Green Cigar Factory for Nicaragua

New Home of Quorum Built to Be Eco-Friendly


NICARAGUA - PENSA, or Puros De Esteli Nicaragua S.A., is J.C. Newman's new 55,000 square foot factory located in the foothills of Esteli, Nicaragua. With the capacity to make over 25 million cigars per year, it is no small feat that this cigar factory is almost entirely green.


Nearly all the utilities in the building are renewable. Rainwater is collected through chains from the roof and reused for cooling and sanitation. Fresh air is pulled into the factory though large fans and mixed with recycled water to cool the room and keep the cigars at just the right humidity. Foam insulation keeps the cooled air from escaping into the thick, tropical air outside. Large panels in the roof stretch the full length of the ceiling, allowing Nicaragua's plentiful sunlight in and eliminating the need for artificial lighting except on the cloudiest of days. The mix of fresh air, natural light and an open floor concept means worker morale stays strong while the carbon footprint is considerably reduced.


Employee health is a priority at the factory. A doctor is on staff everyday to service employees and their families. Bike racks located on the inside of the building give employees a greener and safer option than catching a ride to work or storing their bike on a fence outside the factory. Cleanliness is encouraged through the use of smocks and a full service sanitation crew.


For photos of the factory please click HERE.


The J.C. Newman Cigar Company has worked hard to create a safe, clean, environmentally friendly factory for not only the employees of PENSA, but for the residents of Esteli. PENSA currently handrolls Quorum, Quorum Shade, Alcazar and Hampton Arms. For more information about PENSA and the cigars made there, please visit